SIRENE is a brand new cooperative association of countries that seek to make a difference in grid computing and grid resource exchange across national borders. The countries on board of this association are:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland.

As can be seen from the map of Europe below, these countries together cover a large area. Together the SIRENE will have all necessary resources available that any scientist might wish to use for his research.

Map of Europe The SIRENE countries sign an MoU in Brussels on January 22nd 2007. Two of the articles in the MoU lay at the heart of the collaboration and are quoted:

The Collaborations scope is the world wide grid and computing resources infrastructure within which it aims to set an outstanding example of cooperative efforts and tangible results. The Collaboration makes an effort to disseminate the results to a wide audience.


The Parties within the Collaboration agree to form a pan-European group and policy framework for strong cooperation towards the initial setup and deployment of interoperable Grid infrastructures. Whereas interoperability is key to the whole infrastructure, parties are prepared to review the basic principles of the employed Grid technologies if this is considered necessary for a sustainable infrastructure, robust for the future.

On behalf of SIRENE

Dr. Patrick .J.C. Aerts

Dr. Marie-Christine Sawley